Promoting quality developmental experiences

A better tomorrow is a place where we all have the opportunity to explore and cultivate our true and unique potential. The journey towards that future requires an intricate balance of developmental psychology, evaluation, and social policy.


Our Beliefs

We believe that evaluation is not the icing on a cake but rather one of the core ingredients for real-world success. As such, we are committed to conducting evaluations that address your pressing needs in order to understand the magnitude of impact you have generated while also informing continuous program improvement to ensure that children and youth are respectfully served and have access to the critical opportunities for positive developmental growth. We are driven to do this work because we believe that Our Youth and Your Program are the keys to a better future.

Our Team

YD Eval is comprised of evaluators and psychologists committed to the goal of improving the lives of youth. The team, with its strong connection to the Claremont Graduate University network that grants us access to a wide variety of knowledge and skills, is dedicated to sharing our insights in the areas of developmental psychology and evaluation science with youth programs to help redefine what's possible.


Tiffany Berry

Principal Investigator

Brittany Hite