Development of a Strategic Quality Improvement & Evaluation System for LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell (BTB)

Since 2014, YD Eval, as part of the Claremont Evaluation Consortium (CEC), has worked with Beyond the Bell (BTB) on a number of projects to support strategic quality improvement. In the first phase of this partnership, YD Eval developed a conceptual framework for afterschool program participation to inform and support the development of a strategic quality improvement plan. This framework was developed through an extensive examination of the research and evaluation literature and resulted in identifying key components of afterschool program participation, including key program activity variables and key expected participant outcomes.

In the second phase of the partnership, YD Eval undertook a multi-phase process to develop a BTB agency self-assessment process to examine point of service quality and effective program management. In the third phase of the partnership, YD Eval created a plan outlining the content, structure, and timeline for a three-year strategic quality improvement system for BTB. This strategic plan was grounded in thoughtful collaborations with BTB to understand the current evaluation systems and their pressing organizational priorities. In the final phase of the partnership, CEC developed an internal site observation protocol aligned with the conceptual framework, as well as the new CDE Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs.

In an ongoing project, YD Eval is providing evaluation support for LA84 Foundation-funded sports programming implemented by BTB. This project includes site observations of sports activities, student surveys, participation analyses, and academic achievement analyses. As a result of these evaluation efforts, BTB has started using the newly developed tools with a strong focus on exploring the current implementation of afterschool activities at their agency organizations. These trends inform their larger goals related to continuous quality improvement and capacity building among BTB agencies across the district.