An Evaluation of After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles

Since 2007, YD Eval, as part of the Claremont Evaluation Consortium (CEC), has served as the external evaluator of After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (AAS-LA). This community-based organization provides afterschool enrichment activities and academic support to 14,000 school-aged youth (K-12) in LAUSD, MUSD, and local charter schools.

Annually, YD Eval conducts a comprehensive, summative evaluation to inform program improvements and expansion, as well as meet state and federal funding obligations. Our evaluations of AAS-LA have utilized a correlational evaluation design to examine student outcomes, as well as in-depth investigations of program quality and student experiences. The core evaluation methods include annual pre-post student surveys, site observations, site coordinator interviews, staff surveys, attendance analyses and district archival data (i.e., school attendance, grades) analyses. In addition to these core methods, the evaluation has also included a specific focus related to AAS-LA’s current informational needs and priorities. For example, we have evaluated the degree to which program offerings were responsive to student needs, the program experiences of AAS-LA’s youngest participants (K-2), the relationship between dosage and student outcomes, and most recently, site and student level predictors of program attendance. Each year we have produced a comprehensive report of AAS-LA program quality and student outcomes, as well as providing technical assistance for ASES and 21st CCLC reports.

Over the nine years we have worked with AAS-LA, they have dramatically expanded the number of sites in which they operate, significantly built their capacity to collect valid and reliable data for evaluation and program improvement, and instituted new policies and trainings to increase the quality of their program based on evaluative findings and YD Eval recommendations.