Grace Skiles

Grace received her Bachelor’s degree at Marshall University, in Huntington, WV. She graduated with a major in Fine Art with a concertation in sculpture. She also received a minor in psychology. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation at Claremont Graduate University. Before coming to Claremont Graduate, Grace was working for art museums as lead educator for family art programs, elementary and high school afterschool outreach programs, and adult art programs through a museum hospital collaborative.

YD Eval originally attracted Grace because of her previous work in afterschool programs and seeing the impact these programs have on youth’s lives first hand. The ability to help optimize these programs from another vantage point is an extremely motivating and exciting way she feels she can be impactful to these programs in which she is so passionate.

Outside of YD Eval you can find Grace drinking too much coffee, experimenting in her kitchen, and enjoying what California’s nature has to offer in the ways of hiking, camping, and traveling. She enjoys playing Settlers of Catan, watching more television than one individual should be physically able, and most importantly spending time with the ones she loves.