Lindsey Partington


Lindsey is a former graduate student in CGU’s positive developmental psychology doctoral program. Her background is in neuropsychology. Prior to CGU, Lindsey was a clinical trials study coordinator at the UC Davis MIND Institute working on studies investigating targeted treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders. Lindsey entered CGU’s graduate program with the intent of bringing a biopsychological perspective into both positive developmental psychology and positive youth developmental programs.

Her unique contribution to YD Eval is bringing in this biological perspective to program evaluation. While Lindsey has a strong background in basic science research, she joined YD Eval to learn how practitioner wisdom and applied developmental science can inform a basic science paradigm and vice versa. Essentially, she was drawn to YD Eval’s strong stance on “bridging the gap” between research and practice. Lindsey is interested in working with child and parent programs focused on resilience, socioemotional skills, and sensitive parenting.

When Lindsey isn’t working in lab or studying, you can find her concocting creative culinary cuisine, backpacking around Mt. Baldy, paddling across a serene lake, running on various trails, doing yoga in the sunshine, or singing originals songs to Tank, her cat.