Helping youth programs redefine what's possible

YD Eval supports the design, implementation, and impact evaluation of youth development programs that allow young people to flourish and thrive.


A Holistic Approach

Our ultimate goal is to support your program's success and promote optimal development for children and youth. To this end, we develop long-term collaborative partnerships so that we can help incorporate developmental research and theory into the program model and utilize state-of-the-art evaluation science to measure the quality and impact of the program operations.

Developmental Psychology

YD Eval is committed to conducting developmentally sensitive evaluations by selecting whole-child program evaluation outcomes consistent with critical developmental milestones and developmental contexts that support optimal child and youth development.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our evaluation work is informed by the critical insights about how your program operates. We make it a practice to get to know your program's unique circumstances from the inside out so that the evaluation is actually useful to you and responsive to your needs.

Evaluation Science

We are firm believers that there never will be one size which fits all. The uniqueness of your program deserves to be evaluated using the appropriate methodologies that will provide meaningful insight rather than just paperweight reports. YD Eval works with you to determine the most appropriate evaluation approach that takes into account your program context, user-needs, issues, and concerns.