What is our mission?

Youth are at the center of all we do.

At our core, we believe that children have limitless potential to lead meaningful lives when given the opportunity to engage in positive and transformative experiences. We believe youth programs – and the systems surrounding youth programs – can provide these opportunities.

We are passionate about partnering with others who are dedicated to supporting young people.

As Applied Developmental Scientists, we know firsthand that most social systems do not equitably provide resources, opportunities, and access to youth across the U.S.

We strive for social betterment by elevating the quality of experiences and resources provided to youth – primarily those experiencing socio-economic challenges.

Our work focuses on improving the quality of youth programming, the capacity of staff to provide high-quality programming, and the organizational systems to ensure the sustainability and continuous improvement of youth programs.

We transform intent into effective application in a way that helps youth grow and achieve their individual potential.

How does YDEval accomplish this?

Youth Development Evaluation (YDEval) is led by Dr. Tiffany Berry, Research Full Professor at Claremont Graduate University and Associate Director of the Claremont Evaluation Center.

Dr. Berry works to train students through Claremont Graduate University’s Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation and Applied Research graduate degree programs. Simultaneously, Dr. Berry leads a team of current students in evaluating youth development programs and systems through the Claremont Evaluation Center.