Unlocking potential through learning and growth

As expectations for proof of program success continues to rise, the emphasis on performance evaluation has increased. However, we believe that success is defined by more than just the measurable outcome, it is about the impact we have on unlocking the human potential. In addition to outcome evaluation, YD Eval is committed to supporting all aspects of the learning and growth experience that you strive to provide our youth.


What We Do

Our evaluations regularly examine the theoretical foundation in which they are based, the quality of program implementation, and the impact of the program. Evaluation findings are used to identify effective strategies for optimizing positive outcomes, drive organizational improvement, and satisfy accountability requirements. Since 2004, YD Eval has published more than 75 technical evaluation reports, published peer reviewed articles in leading evaluation and youth developmental journals, and presented findings at scientific and practitioner conferences.

Our Partners

Our clients are as committed as YD Eval in the mission to provide high quality programs that allow young people to flourish and thrive. The programs and organizations we work with are committed to a continuous quality improvement mindset through our evaluation work. Evaluation is not a box to check off but rather a beneficial process that inspires us to provide the best possible services for our stakeholders. The following are just a select few of our amazing partners.