Cordele has spent time as the Challenge Course Manager at University of Colorado, Boulder where, in addition to running and coordinating the programs, he led evaluation initiatives designed to measure impacts on client satisfaction and the effects of team-building programs. He has also spent time as the Director of Creative Leadership for Colorado Wilderness Rides & Guides where he designed Evidence-Based Leadership Curriculum and evaluated their effectiveness and efficacy in making changes along dimensions of self-awareness, conflict resolution, and creative problem solving skills. Cordele is currently working full time as a Music Producer, in addition to being the Creative Wellbeing Coach at Upwards Acts, his Positive Psychology Coaching Practice. As a Creative Wellbeing Coach, he designs curriculums for his workshops and online courses by using theories and approaches from Positive Psychology within Developmental Coaching relationships that are punctuated with experiential outdoor adventures. He uses much of what he has learned about Positive Developmental Psychology, as well as many of the techniques and approaches he has learned at CGU in his evaluation work at Upward Acts.